New Year, New Me?


Why hello there, long time no see. Thought it was about time I checked in, and with all that new year motivation, there’s no better time. And what way to break myself back in than to chat all about my hopes ‘n dreams ‘n all that jazz. It’s almost impossible not to sit and contemplate the year ahead, and if I had to whittle down my intentions for the year ahead into one word it would be consistency. Boring, potentially yes, however my cycle of burnout and breaks has grown tiresome and whilst I welcome opportunities and spontaneity with open arms, with the regular things in my life I want a little more order in the chaos …is this growing up?

This intention of mine came from a late night YouTube black hole of self help/productivity videos (sounds counterproductive,  but your girl really is trying). An idea that really stuck with me is that consistency is better than intensity, and I often find myself trying to make up for my inconsistencies with bursts of intensity and it’s a cycle which leaves me feeling like I’m constantly trying to catch up. I spin plenty of plates in my life, and I know I wouldn’t have it any other way, the fire sign in me forbids it, but I feel like if I just took stock and lived a little less on the fly world domination would be within my grasp I would be able to chew all that I’ve bitten off. What have I bitten off I hear you cry? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Consistent Content.

Creating stuff that I put on the internet has been a longstanding hobby of mine, one I find rewarding, enjoyable and a way to communicate with other like-minded folk in this big wide world. However, in recent years it’s something I’ve gotten out of the groove with and at times I’ve felt ~weird~ about who is paying attention. I really do get a joy out of it, so I want to get back to weekly blog posts and videos as well as a monthly podcast with my pal Giana. Totally attainable and a priority for me moving into the new year.

Consistent Exercise.

Oh, exercise – what a complex relationship we have. For me, yoga and running are the two practices that have stuck the best for me, and I feel that after really leaning into the festive season feasting and minimal moving I can get back to a place where moving my body on a regular basis fairly quickly. I don’t want to say it too loudly, but I kind of miss it, especially after the excess of the Christmas season. To jumpstart things, I’m taking part in Yoga with Adrienne’s 30 day challenge as well as picking back up Coach to 5k. I’m moving into deadline season and I know getting out the house to get some fresh air will help me get my wiggles out and concentrate better on my work.

Consistent Self Care.

This comes as a two-parter: meditation and skincare. Meditation I on and off flirt with, but do find setting aside a quiet 10 minutes mid afternoon helps re-energise for anything I’ve got planned for the evening ahead, but also keeps me from napping away 3 hours of the day and further ruining my sleeping pattern. I love a nap, but as a grown ass woman I need to get a grip. The second point may surprise you, however it’s more the consistency part I need to hone in on. The last 6 weeks of the year I fell asleep in my makeup more than I’d care to admit, and I hope creating more of a rhythm with it not only will my skin thank me, but a process to let my body know I’m winding down for the night should fingers crossed encourage a better sleeping pattern.

I’d love to know your intentions for 2020 – let me know in the comments below!



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